Fashion tips

Why you shouldn’t try too much?

At least as far as your styling is concerned… that is how the above sentence should end!

Nowadays that every one of us is trying too much about everything, our careers , our relationships, our family, our body , our styling , hair and makeup should be the most fun part of our day!

There is such variety of products and brands, wardrobes that are full of clothes and accessories (ok… that is a little lie… clothes, shoes and bags are never enough… we always want more) and so many ways and tips to combine them and make the perfect outfit plus the fact that fashion is unlimited and personal style is all about creativity and imagination.

That is why you shouldn’t try too much!!!

Trying much either for your everyday 9-5 outfit or your night out styling is obvious and that is not ok!

You cannot ignore that many of the most stylish people in the world swear to effortless chic styling.

Before you blame me, let me remind you, although I am sure you already know, that all these pictures and post that you see when you scroll down on your instagram are not the right examples of effortless styling, in fact they are exactly the opposite!

It takes a village of filters, professional photographers, makeup artists and stylists to come up with this result and of course money because the most of them are for promotion and advertisement of brands and companies, which is ok if you have a business profile and you earn your money that way.

Effortless styling requires two basic things:

First find what suits you and looks good on you (body type, personal taste, schedule,) and then find out what you like to wear.

Of course you can always try new things, trends and styles.

If you haven’t, (but I am sure you have) buy key pieces that are concerned as basics because of their color or design and can be worn with almost everything you have in your closet, such as white and grey t shirts, black pants, jeans, black and beige coat, black blazer jacket, leather jacket and the all time classic little black dress.

Then face every as a fashion challenge to find new combos between basic stuff and trends that make you feel comfort able (if your clothes squeeze you then you definitely try too much), confident, happy, stylish and cool.

Keep your face and skin clean and hydrated, without much make up(especially now that we are all wearing masks), your nails and hair neat and healthy (no more huge fake nails that you cannot even type a message with them) , your clothes clean and ironed properly and your accessories in a good condition.

Last but not least, your good vibe, energy and your smile!!!

I know that you cannot always keep your smile with all these things happening around you , but no outfit and styling could look good on you unless you smile and face the world and life in a positive perspective.

p.s.: do not forget that you should keep your eyes smiling now that the mask is integral part of our lives.

Stay safe and positive!!!

Until next time..